2018 Division C Events

The 2018 Division C events are listed below. For extensive information and resources for each event, click on an event title.

Life, Personal & Social Science

Anatomy & Physiology (BSC)
Disease Detectives (BSC)
Ecology (BSC)
Herpetology (BSC)
Microbe Mission (BSC)

Earth & Space Science

Astronomy (PHAY)
Dynamic Planet (GSC)
Remote Sensing (GY)
Rocks & Minerals (GSC)

Physical Science & Chemistry

Chemistry Lab (CH)
Forensics (CH)
Hovercraft (ENG)
Materials Science (CH)
Optics (PHAY)
Thermodynamics (PHAY)

Technology & Engineering

Helicopters (ENG)
Mission Possible (ENG)
Mousetrap Vehicle (ENG)
Towers (ENG)

Inquiry & Nature of Science

Experimental Design (CH)
Fermi Questions (PHAY)
Game On (ENG)
Write It Do It (ENG)